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Welcome to Crystal Aquatic Centre - the first Artistic Swimming school in Singapore, founded by Crystal Yap - former National Athlete and multiple SEA Games Gold Medalist.


Artistic Swimming, previously known as Synchronised Swimming, or Water Ballet, is a sport that comprises multiple skills such as swimming, dancing, flexibility, endurance and breath control. This beautiful sport can be enjoyed by both boys and girls, and children from the age of 6 and above.


Artistic Swimming has become an increasingly popular activity, as it caters to individuals who enjoys both dancing and swimming. This intricate sport will allow one to be in touch with their creative mind, giving them an opportunity to shine and have fun in the water.

About Us



At Crystal Aquatic Centre, we aim to constantly provide children with fun and unique experiences while learning the sport. Not only will little kids learn body coordination, a sense of music will be cultivated and instilled in the learning process. Confidence will also be fostered along the way, while learning to flow in the water gracefully. 


The main goal of our programme is for your child to learn artistic swimming in a fun and unique way that allow your child to reach his/her creative mind, and gain immense confidence and better coordination in the water. He/she will have better music sense, and learn how to flow in the water gracefully.


As one of the pioneering members of Aquatic Swimming, Crystal Yap has contributed to paving a pathway for current and future athletes in this beautiful sport.


She created history by winning Singapore’s first ever South East Asia Games Artistic Swimming Gold medal in 2015. On top of that, she was part of the first and only team in Singapore to have ever entered the Finals of FINA World Championships Synchronised Swimming in 2011.


Her unwavering love for the sport has led her to the creation of Crystal Aquatic Center, established with the purpose of bringing Aquatic Swimming in Singapore to greater outreach and heights.

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